Monday, May 16, 2011

Write Your Own Love Story. . .

I love to read Christian romance novels and a few years ago began a reading streak that took me off course.  I say "off course" as in it side-tracked me from my own life.  I just had to finish a book before going to bed or I read instead of doing things with my kids. . . it consumed my time!  Some of the "quick read" books were the ones by Love Inspired, they were quick to read and didn't have a complicated plot.  Well, the more I read these books the more I began thinking  I wish my husband did that for me, Why can't my spouse be more like that?, etc and those thoughts began to bother me.  I am deeply committed to my husband and always was while reading these books, but my mindset went from satisfaction to wishful thinking.

Fortunately, the Lord led me to reflect on why this might be and how could I change it.  I realized that these books, even though they are Christian, made me want things (not other men) other than what my spouse was giving me at the time.  DANGER!  Whoa-- stop right there!  That is not good or Biblical nor is it fair to my husband.  Then I started to think of our relationship and how it played out over the years and decided if I wrote down all the loving, thoughtful things my husband did for me while we were dating, engaged and then married I would have my own love story.

The authors of those books don't write with these intentions, but we are wordly and satan uses ANYTHING he can to steer us away from Christ.  I wanted to think more about our love story and began remembering all the things we would do together, words we would say to each other, how we would dream together, how we stuck out tough times while dating/engaged and other things that demonstrated our love for one another.  Wow!  My story began looking better than the books I was reading and the best thing is. . . my story isn't fiction!

I encourage you to record thoughts about your love story with your spouse.  Start by thinking of how you met, first date, memorable events, little things that showed your love for one another and begin slowly building an outline of your story.  Make a journal for it and go back with your spouse and work on it together!  My guess is you have a love story worthy of recording.  We just need to keep our eyes and hearts open to what we have and what Christ has given us. . . be committed to your spouse and only your spouse.

In the end I decided I could no longer read those books without getting sidetracked-- even though I knew better.  I am glad I took that step because it has allowed my husband and I time to work on a goal we have together-- to help other married couples.  If I was still caught up in the romances I wouldn't be able to see clearly to know how wonderful I have it!  All I can say is-- Thank you God for my husband!

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