Hide & Seek Art

One of my loves in life would be art. . . I am an art teacher afterall!  I'm not sure if this is an original phrase or not, but I love the saying Art is the way you look at life!  I tend to look at life through "art colored" glasses.  I see all kinds of colors, lines, shapes, etc as I go through the day.

Hide and Seek Art is my hobby.  I created this form of art after teaching a lesson on Spanish artist, Joan Miro.  He used curly lines, solid circles/shapes and bright colors in his art.  He often "hid" pictures made from lines and shapes in his work.  This inspired me to begin this original "brand" of art. 

I give the recepient a questionnaire about their favorite things, ideals, general information and much more.  I then take this information and turn it into hand-drawn pictures or symbols.  I hide these among lines, shapes and designs. . . often called doodles.  The art is then colored in a favorite or meaningful color scheme.  The most common size is a 12 x 12; scrapbook frames can be purchased at the craft stores for this size.

Hide and Seek Art in the beginning. . .

Hide and Seek Art now. . .

12 x 12 custom Hide and Seek Art is $50
18 x 24 custom Hide and Seek Art is $75

Other types of work can be commissioned:
postcards, notecards, holiday cards, or
I am open to other ideas!