Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Price is Right Date Night

The importance of the marriage relationship is something that can often take a back seat to everyday life. As I was watching FIREPROOF (my daughter's choice of movie) I was reminded of our lesson from this morning. Caleb, Kirk Cameron's role, was apologizing to his wife and admitted he was selfish. This was also a key part of what was discussed during our Art of Marriage class. We are selfish beings and need to learn to put our spouse before ourselves. One way to accomplish this is to plan a "date night" for your spouse. You may think you don't have time or that you don't have any ideas... well your solution is just a click away. Visit for tons of date ideas and printables. It makes the planning effortless and fun! Guys-- this is your way to score some "points" by doing something she might never expect! To help couple's plan a date night we took into consideration that many have young children, work outside the home, have kids' schedules to keep up with and so much more! One of those being... no extra money to spend on a night out. So I headed to to plan a group date. I came across their idea for The Price is Right and immediately started thinking of how I could adapt for a large scale event. We are in the midst of planning our October 6 "airdate". This is an exciting time for our church and the many couple's who are participating in the marriage emphasis. To God be the Glory... it is Him who accomplishes good things. My prayer is that He can use me to further His kingdom and help others.