Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More ideas for a Couple's Almanac...


More page ideas for YOUR Couple's Almanac!  I hope you have started your own way of recording your personal story of you and your spouse.  Keep working on it and adding new things as life continues; we are planning to go see a concert soon and those tickets will go into our almanac!  Quotes, copies of e-mails, cards, photos, etc are all things you could include.  What about?  Receipts, tags from favorite clothes/brands, movie tickets, pics of favorite DVD/CD covers... send me your ideas to add to the list!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Your Spouse's Passions

I can't believe it has been almost a month since I last posted!  It has been a busy start to the summer and I don't think it will slow down.  Our family of four just returned from a brief day at Branson Landing and lunch at Joe's Crab Shack (YUM)!

One of the reasons we went down there was to buy some books for Ronnie; he has his Annual Training trip soon.  There is a Christian book store there at Branson Landing where most books are $5.  Among my husnband's passions are playing the trumpet, golfing, growing pineapple and reading Christian mystery thrillers.  On our way down to Branson I began thinking of his other passions, specifically growing pineapples!

Sounds like an odd choice of hobbies for someone who lives in the southwest part of Missouri!  We get odd looks when we share this information with others, but it provides for interesting conversation.  It all began when we visited Maui, Hawaii in 1998.  While there we went on a boat excursion called "The Trilogy".  What a fantastic day on the water!  Part of the day included a lunch buffet prepared by the crew of the catamaran.  During this time they discussed pineapples and how they grew. . . that sparked the interest of my husband.  We brought back a few fresh pineapples from the island and the challenge began!

Over the past 13 years he has learned about pineapple plants, how they grow, how to "force" them to bloom, how to plant/pot them, and so much more!  On a trip to Ohau, Hawaii in 2002 we even visited the DOLE plantation to see how pineapples grow there.  I certainly didn't know how many varieties of pineapple there were; big and small.  This is something I know my husband thouroughly enjoys and so I support him in these adventures! 

The beginning of a new pineapple plant!  It begins growing up from
the center of the spiky leaves.  (2005)

When you plant a pineapple, you cut the top leafy part off the rest of the pineapple... which is what you cut to eat!  Then the spiky leaf top is propogated until roots begin to form and then you plant it!  Now with our climate it takes much longer to grow!  We keep the pot with the plant inside during the cold months and outside during the hot months.  This is something that takes A LOT of patience since it is not a plant that is grown in Missouri.  If I remember correctly it took at least two years before our first plant produced a fruit!  I'll have to find those photos and scan/post them.  

I could have been a non-supportive wife and told him it would never work, or that he was foolish to try to grow a pineapple.  But I didn't!  Why?  It was his heart's desire to try this and see if it would work; I love my husband and wanted to show him that by encouraging his efforts.  This wasn't an adventure I would have done on my own, but that doesn't mean I can't/shouldn't support him.

This is 3 months after the May 2005 photos where you see it beginning to form a new plant.  He has cut it from the stalk (where he is holding it).

Here Ronnie is holding his latest conquest: Pineapple #2!  This one is smaller than the first one he grew which he had to "force" it to bloom.  It was sweet and had a fairly concentrated pineapple taste.  YUMMY!
I will add more photos later... but think about what your husband likes to do and try your best to support him in every way possible!  It shows him your love, but more importantly your respect!  And respect is VERY important to a man in his marriage relationship!
This group of four pics is from July 3, 2007... Ronnie's third pineapple!  All pics are from it still on the stalk that grows up from the middle of the spiky leaves.  After this one is removed the plant in the pot is no longer good for producing another fruit.  Each plant only produces one pineapple in it's lifetime.  So we throw out the old plant and repot the top of the newest pineapple once we cut it off.  Then the cycle begins all over again!