Your Life

How to Love, Sing, Live and Dance
with your spouse. . .

You may wonder how you can connect with your spouse or what you can do to spend time with one another; here you will find ideas for keeping your marriage a priority in your life!

The following ideas are taken from the book, "Red Hot Monogamy, Making Your Marriage Sizzle" by Bill and Pam Farrell.  This is a great book for couples who want a lifelong, commited marriage with one partner. 
* Make a slideshow of pictures from your marriage/life together.  You could even set it to music.  Then send  it via e-mail to your spouse.  What a great surprise in the middle of the day!

*  Re-create your first date.  Visit the same places you went and wear the same clothes (if you fit into them-- though I don't think mine would be in style regardless if I fit in them).

*  If you hear "your song" playing on the radio, call your spouse and hold the phone to the radio.  Let the song speak for you.

*  Leave a heart made from play dough or clay on your spouse's nightstand (or desk at work) and insert a card with an invitation for some romancing that night.  (The card will stick up out of the heart).

*  Send your spouse a handmade card.  Use the computer, an e-card, stamps or anything else creative!

*  Write your own love poem.  Even a simple "Roses are red" poem will make him/her smile.

*  Create a romantic almanac.  Create lists of: Restaurants we want to eat at, Restaurants we like to eat at, Romantic movies still to see, Books on marriage still to read, dream date list, Places we want to vacation (or have vacationed), Concerts/Plays you've seen together (and the ticket stubs), Reasons I fell in love with you, Romantic evenings you would enjoy together, Sexual positions you want to try (or have tried), or get creative with your own list (then send a comment with your idea).  **We have actually begun our almanac.  We ask questions/record answers while on dates, driving in the car or after the kids go to bed-- the questions often lead into romance!

These are only a few of the 25 ideas from the first chapter of the book! 
Two of our favorite books!