Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Date Night Photos: How To the "Price is Right"

Couples came together to spend the evening playing The Price is Right! Couples competed for a chance to be the contestants on stage to play the fun games. Almost all of our prizes were virtual, but a few were the genuine article. We had hoots, hollars and running down the eisle!
One of the games we played was Money Game! A piece of posterboard was used to create the board with pairs of numbers covering either a $ or the front/back of a car. Contestants chose a pair of numbers for the first two numbers in the price and the last two numbers; the middle number in the price is given to the contestants. If a $ is revealed then it went in the cash stash. The goal was to uncover the front and back ends of the car. If they reveal the correct pairs BEFORE getting four $ then they win the car (a Hot Wheels car).
It's in the Bag! was the next game up to play! Contestants needed to match the five items to the correct price on each bag (brown bags were labeled with item prices). The first price is checked and if correct they win "$1000" (play money). They can risk the chance to earn $2000 if the next item and price are a match or they can walk away with the money they earned. Each time they risk a chance the money doubles up to $16,000! In addition to the play money our couple also took home the five grocery items from the game.
Our next couple played Punch A Bunch! A board was made with holes for the couple to punch "out" to reveal a possible prize. We used foamboard and cut out the circles with an x-acto knife. We taped squares of tissue paper from the back and then taped a plastic solo cup to the board. Just make sure you put a prize in the cup BEFORE you tape it on! We used certificates for a free drink or free sandwich as prizes. You could also put coins or a dollar bill in each cup. The contestants earn punches by guessing if the price of certain products are higher or lower than the actual price. We projected photos of these prizes via power point on a large overhead screen.
That's Too Much was our sixth and final game of the night. A car (hot wheel) was up for grabs. The couple had to determine which price was just over the actual retail price of the car! Prices were already written on posterboard pieces and taped to our partition. I would have the prices already up and covered with another piece of paper to "tear away" if we were to do this again. Price is Right Date Night was so much fun! These are only a few photos from the couple's event. Details on how the event was planned will follow soon! Click here to download the Power Point we used for the event. https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B44KylRfq1pUc09TVUp6NnltcWs

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