Friday, September 6, 2013

BAD BOBS shopping experience

 Ok... Bad Bobs is my new name for our local Goodwill store. I LOVE shopping there and getting great bargains! Especially when those bargains are brand new clothes/items from a major retailer. It makes my clothing money stretch lots further!  This may not be the way for everyone and that's ok with me... As long as you don't look down on my "fun" experiences! 

Many times I share my "finds" with friends and family, and they are amazed at what I find at this store. Well, I will share a few tips with you in hopes that you can feel successful when shopping at Goodwill. I also want to share pics of my "results" and how I use my purchases in our lives.  Some of my purchases have come from other thrift stores, not just Goodwill. I will note where the items have come from. 

I have been to our local GW three times this week! Each time I "scored" some great items at SUPER prices.  You have to be willing to take some time and go through racks and search the entire store.  I have spent up to 3 hours at a time in the store... But I have come away with many BRAND NEW items from a major retailer. Go at least once a week, more often if possible.  I tend to go mid-mornings or early afternoons.  if you can find out when they get thr trucks in with mew merchandise then go late on those days or the following day. it is hit and miss and I have gone to our GW following these tips and NOT found anything. that happens. other times you will have a cart load if bargains.

more to come...early afternoons. 

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