Sunday, May 8, 2011

Being a better lover and parent. . .

So much for well laid plans. . . Ronnie and I were going to spend a week in Virginia this coming week at an Army conference, but then he didn't get to go (budget cuts).  So he was going to plan a weekend to Eureka Springs for us; that was before we had to replace the entire air conditioner.  So instead he shared his idea and we thought we'd stay at home and send the kids away. 

Let's just say that the devil trys to attack anything good and holy (like us spending time together) ane the plans for one of girls changed.  So we quickly made last minute arrangements for Friday night, but had no where for her to go Saturday evening.  Ronnie and I thought we'd make the best of the time we had and spent Friday evening and during the day Saturday together.  It was after this time together that I had a realization. . . spending time with my spouse allows me to be a better parent to my children.

Spending a day and a half together focusing on one another "filled' me up because I had his attention and he had mine without being interrupted by anything.  Amazing what a little time together can do for your patience level. . . when it was time to get our youngest I was able to focus on her and didn't feel like I needed to divide my time between her and my husband.  The three of us enjoyed an evening at the movies and dinner where we were all relaxed and happy.  She knew she had our attention and wasn't trying to compete for it. 

God designed marriages to put God first, our spouse second and the children third.  My "story" shows why. . . putting the time and effort into the marriage can not only strengthen the marriage but also the relationship with the children.  It's a win-win situation!  Maybe you should start planning a getaway for you and your spouse! 

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