Friday, April 22, 2011

Being Right or the Relationship?

Several years ago there was conflict between a member of the family and us.  As we went through trying to resolve the issue I had a thought that has stuck with me since then,

What is more important?  The relationship or being right?

This helped me with the perspective I took as I made peace with the family member.  I didn't feel I had done wrong, but thought the relationship was more important so I apologized.  After all, Christ knew my intent and that's all that mattered.  I swallowed my pride and was selfless.  Trust me, I wanted to be prideful.

Many years have passed since that time, but that principle and question has remained with me through marriage and other relationships.  When it comes to my husband I know that I am married to him for better or worse, so the relationship is more important that being right.  I have to be willing to give up some of myself and put him before me.  My relationship with my spouse is far more important to me.  I will live a lifetime with him and want to nurture the relationship.  I also want to reflect Christ's love.

I am not always selfless, but find that the more I put my husband before myself the easier my marriage becomes.  We don't need to prove ourselves because we are in this together and we look out for one another.  Our love is unconditional because d*****e is NOT an option for us.

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