Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Year of Dates!

For Christmas, my hubby is getting a year of dates as one of his gifts. There will be 12 different dates or activities that he will be able to choose from during the year. That way he can pick what he is in the mood for and be even more excited. There are a few dates with specific dayes due to holidays or weather, but most will work anytime. I made a card for each date with a general description of what the date was about... My guy isn't into total surprises so I used this approach. If your husband likes total surprises, you might just label by the month. Moat dates I planned are very low cost, due to the fact I lost my job. I want us to be able to do these dates no matter what is happening, because life isn't ideal all the time.

The three pictures posted are of the date night cards, the his/her date and the taste the flavor date. Almost all these date night ideas are from . There are so many great ideas for dates on their website. Go check it out for full descriptions. The his/her date is taken from them and focuses on why tou love your spouse. Take two light colored pillowcases ( new or used, mine are new ones I found at Goodwill) and use fabric markers or Sharpies to write reasons you love your spouse or things you are thankful for about them. On the DD site they show you how to draw a guy and write his on the mans pillowcase and then a girl and hers on the ladies pillowcase. Put them on the pillows and hand him his marker to write on yours and you can add more to his. The intentional part is to share aloud the things you write while listening to the other person. Make the connections and show your appreciation! I also plan to have The Game of Love ready that night.

The Taste the Flavor date is also feom The Dating Divas site. Get various flavors of chapstick or lip balms and have your spouse guess the flavor as you share lots of kisses! You might be able to find some deals on a set of flvored lipbalms with holiday gift sets for sale. I chose Chapstick because my hubby uses that brand and we will use them after our date!

If you don't think you can pull off twelve dates for next year, do a few and put them in his stocking or wrap a few up for under the tree. My twelve dates include:
James Bond date (will be highlighted at dating divas site sometime)
Build a Fort date*
Firepit date
True Colors date*
Car date
Bookstore date*
His and Her date*
Picnic date
Post-it Note date*
Spouse sleepover date*
Couple's Cafe date*
Taste the Flavor date*
* indicates idea from The Dating Divas

Many Marriage Blessings,

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